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May 21, 2018 - Feature of the Week

Pac-12 Networks Recognizes UCLA's Kylee Perez

(Photo courtesy of Pac-12 Networks)

As a follow-up to the KIA article Kylee Perez — Warrior With Glove & Grace, the Pac-12 Network has created a terrific YouTube video recognizing the UCLA senior softball standout and her battle with Type 1 Diabetes. Kylee’s story is an inspiration for all people afflicted with T1D.

Thanks, Kylee! You’re a great inspiration and role model! And thank you Pac-12 Network for your wonderful video tribute.

The Pac-12 Network and those below from Chapman University are to be congratulated for their terrific work in creating and promoting this video.

Hope Ballard
Erin Coogan
Maddie Sher
Chapman University Dodge College Film and Media Arts