Kiado-Ryu Karate

Aug 13, 2018 - Feature of the Week

When All Else Fails...

Life throws us all kinds of curve balls. Problems pop up out of no where unexpectedly. Challenges erupt at the least opportune moment, and conflicts explode out of a clear blue sky. Such uninvited tribulations test our mettle, resolve, and will to remain calm, balanced, centered, to succeed, even survive.

In managing such events, we summon various strategies, techniques, and mechanisms to solve the issue(s) at hand. We may have family members and/or friends, perhaps even a stranger, offer to help us. But what happens when no cavalry comes to the rescue, trumpets blaring a welcome refrain of relief for our beleaguered and precarious plight? What then? The answer is simple but stark:

“When all else fails, we must be mentally tough enough to endure. Weakness ensures failure.”

In today’s world there are too many people living in the thought that someone else will save the day for them. Perhaps, but, realistically, perhaps not. If we’re to survive any situation, we must be internally strong of mind, body and spirit. We, not others, are always the first line of defense in protecting ourselves. This simple idea is, and will always be, the genesis of our survival.