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Oct 22, 2018 - Feature of the Week

Power Precepts: Internal vs. External Power

The following is an excerpt from chapter 2 of the second edition of The Karate Consciousness: From Worldly Warrior to Mystic Master, a book by Richard Andrew King.

Man was not created to dominate his fellow man. He was created to live in the fullness of the Light and to radiate that Light throughout the corridors of the universe.

The karate consciousness of today is not centered in the fullness of the Light—divine illumination and understanding as characterized by life, love, peace, perfection, purity, prosperity, health, harmony, strength and wisdom. Rather, and quite noticeably, it is centered in a consciousness of dominance and what shall be referred to herein as the “Power in the Flock Syndrome.”


For purposes of discussion, this chapter concerns itself with two specific kinds of power: “intrinsic and extrinsic.” The former is the ideal, the goal of all serious karatekas who choose to follow the ascending path of the mystical master. The latter, “extrinsic power,” is anathematic. It is inimical to the well-being of the student and his growth because it ties and binds his mind to a worldly focus only and, therefore, should be avoided if a higher consciousness is to be achieved.

Intrinsic power is true power. It originates from “within” the individual being, and there is only one way to tap it and that is to go “within” and seek it. Once found, it can be brought forth and utilized to increase the student’s functional understanding and expression of life.

Intrinsic power, sometimes referred to as “internal power,” is the only force which can lead to self-mastery. Thus, it needs to be cultivated and cared for as a farmer cares for and cultivates his crops.

The source of this power is the Creator of all things. This “Creator” is often referred to as God, the Great White Father, the Father Within, etc. The label attached to this omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent force is not as important as knowing that it exists. It is real. It is.

In order to generate intrinsic power the student must begin by realizing that it is not so much created as it is tapped into and subsequently utilized by the individual. It already exists. It simply needs to be brought forth.

The technique of “bringing forth” this power is to align oneself with the Creator of all things, its supreme intelligence and force. Karate serves the student in helping him to effectuate this alignment so he can manifest this power from within his own being and move forward toward a state of self-mastery.

This is, most assuredly, not an easy task even when consciously realized. Bringing forth this power requires labor–mental, spiritual and physical work. But when viewed in the proper perspective it is a labor of love and its results are pure artistry.

Intrinsic power is free for all men. It cannot be purchased, sold or traded. Nor can it be hoarded as a miser hoards his money. It must be used to be realized. If it is not used, the concept of it dissipates from the consciousness and it, therefore, slips into a status of non-realization. It still remains a universal fact, but if man does not utilize it, he cannot realize or acknowledge it as a part of his being.

As a student learns to bring forth this power from within the depths of his own soul, he becomes one with the power. In that oneness he realizes true freedom. He becomes strong, solid, not because he, in his finite self, is powerful, but because he has allowed the power from his Creator to flow through him and, thus, empower him, just as electricity flowing through a magnet empowers it.

Students who desire to express mastery must, therefore, learn to become channels for this flow of divine power. This is a great art. It is the way to true accomplishment, and it is the only way to divine self-realization.