Kiado-Ryu Karate

Nov 19, 2018 - Feature of the Week

The KIA's Own Hollywood

He was one of the best and toughest fighters in the history of the Karate Institute of America. “He” is Guy McDonald, call sign “Hollywood.” He and Mr. King met up for lunch in October. It was awesome to reconnect after so many decades, decades that strangely seem like only a few weeks. How amazingly time flies. Yet, how wonderful it was to relive old stories and memories of a magical time gone by.

As with us all, Guy’s journey through life has its twists and turns, ups and downs. Hollywood’s, however, are much more difficult than most. If he were not tough, strong, courageous, determined and blessed with a great sense of humor, he might not have made it thus far. The story and update of his life follows in his own words. Enjoy!

This is to everyone out there. It’s Guy “Hollywood” McDonald. The “Hollywood” part passed away about 8 years ago when I got hit with brain cancer. Doctors felt it was best to remove my ego of stardom with the cancer. And not only did I have cancer in my frontal lob, but a second cancer back behind my ventricle. So since then I have had 3 crainiotomies and 1 cyber knife. I do still go in for MRI’s every 3 months as this crap keeps popping back up. The doctors did try and put a positive spin on this by saying it’s very uncommon for someone to have 2 different cancers in their skull. So I’m Special, lucky me.

The worst and more life threatening was in my frontal lob, so they dug that out without messing me up. IE memory, use of arms and minor things like that. I do think from time to time that had they messed up, I could be eating like a dog on the holidays. But my wife said she’d feed me. Guessing she would feed me with a sling shot from across the room. Of course going to the bathroom I’d need to shoot around like a dog with and itchy back side. Sorry, had to throw that in. I did ask for an upgrade in my bad jokes and an improvement on sense of humor. The doctor said no, as my wife has already filled up the needed changes in my brain.

So for those that attended my wedding back when I was kicking butt at the KIA, that one didn’t last. After three years we knew different roads needed to be taken, yet still not a pleasant parting. And thank God we did not have kids. Now I’m remarried, to the right one, and we have 4 kids. I’d jokingly say one each, but a boy, a girl, a sexually confused one and add in a transgender. Too far out of reach. 3 girls and a boy.

Girl #1 oldest: Clarissa, 26; 2nd Caityln, 22; Delaney, 17 playing volleyball in college, and last, James, 17 and a better athlete than I ever was. And he’d agree with me on that.

My wife is Deirdre (pronounced Dear Dra). Irish name and that’s where we got married. Then took our Honeymoon in Paris. Both places are awesome, if you get a chance to visit. Ireland a bit more friendly. Paris is also amazing. For Paris, I bought a walking tour book and that would have been fine, but I didn’t realize the book was 5 years old and we found ours in some dicey parts of the city and I don’t speak French. If any of you have seen the Mellissa McCarthy movie “Spy,” where she ended up staying, you’ll get the idea. But we did find some cool off-the-path spots that we liked And I did think I was Mister Tough Guy at that time.

Now in my early 50’s (52), I’ve way mellowed. Life is simpler and I take more enjoyment out of watching my kids do their things. Delaney plays volleyball down in Oceanside, and we’re glad she went there. Her other collegiate offers where two in Main and one in Oklahoma. Tough to drive there for a weekend trip.

My son is at Mission High school playing both football and baseball. Good at both, but has a brighter future in baseball. He’s blessed with a ton of speed, and was one base shy of the record for base stealing his first year there. Got stuck at 22, pitcher and center field. Throwing from the mound mid to high 80’s on his fast ball and throws a curve slider, fork and a change up. That’s where the varsity coach is pushing him to play. But that doesn’t utilize his speed, but the coach will let him hit as he batted over .310 his first 2 years. We let him choose his own direction in both sports, getting to a pro level is nothing to ever bank on, but we don’t discourage him. His grades are good as well. He takes after his mom on that.

Anyway, kind of boring, but that’s me now. I was doing real estate appraising until the cancer hit and now looking to get back into that. Thanks for reading this and best wishes to all of you.