Kiado-Ryu Karate

Nov 18, 2019 - Feature of the Week

You Only Have To Endure To Conquer

One of the greatest gifts of martial arts is that rising to any rank requires struggle. It is struggle that makes us stronger, sharper, more skilled, refined, tough and enduring. Rising to the level of Black Belt in the Kiado-Ryu System of Martial Arts demands years of study and thousands of hours of practice—always refining and developing our technique and character.

Martial Arts is Life and as martial arts is full of struggles and challenges, so is life. As difficult as they seem, our struggles are designed to make us better, not to destroy us; to give us a backbone, strength and courage to stand tall and prevail against the forces assailing us.

In the course of our struggles in life, or in any endeavor we seek to attack and conquer, the great Winston Churchill reminds us: “You only have to endure to conquer.”

Think about it. Those souls who have risen to the top tiers of humanity in any endeavor are those who endured, who had the courage, strength and wisdom to keep going and to never stop, never quit, never give in to the forces besetting them. They are the ones who truly understand—deeply and genuinely—that “You only have to endure to conquer!”