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Oct 12, 2020 - Feature of the Week

Stavroula Avramidis: Firearms Instructor & Founder

Stavroula Avramidis, “Stav” to her friends, is not just a gal with a gun, she’s the Instructor and Founder of “She Equips Herself”—a business Equipping women with the tools they need to feel safe and confident no matter the situation.

Stav is not just a pretty face, she’s an expert shooter with lethal firearm skills. Don’t believe it? Check out this instructional YouTube video where she and her boyfriend, Robert MacQuarrie, aka “Mac,” a former range coach and primary marksmanship instructor for the Marine Corps, discuss sight alignment, trigger control, accuracy and more. You will instantly become a believer after watching this 26:42 minute video.

In a world growing ever more dangerous, Stav teaches men and women how to use a firearm safely, effectively, professionally. Although she can hold her own with any male shooter, her website focuses on teaching women to be competent using a gun. As the saying goes at the Karate Institute of America, Competence Creates Confidence, and Ms. Avramidis is one instructor who does just that—teaching skills for anyone to become competent and confident with a firearm, especially females.

As Ms. Avramidis states on her website:

My introduction to the world of personal protection started when my big sister took me to the gun range at the age of 18. Since then, I’ve developed a passion for sharing knowledge and skills with other women in order to equip them with the confidence to be in charge of their own safety.

Ms. Avramidis is good with long guns, too!

Stav offers a FREE eBook: “5 Tips to Create a Home Defense Plan.” You can download it here:

The following screencap depicting proper sight alignment is from her video. Notice that the front sight is directly covering the target (a black circle behind the front sight)

One of Stav’s sayings focusing on proper sight alignment is: Equal height; equal light, meaning that the top of the sights are level and there is equal light on each side of the front sight as one looks through the rear sights. Notice the drawing in the top left of the pic.

One of the exercises that she and Mac encourage is the “One Hole” trigger control drill. In the following pic, Stav put all five of her shots through one hole from 9 feet. For more explanation, watch the video. Mac explains the process thoroughly.

Of course eye and ear protection are important when practicing with a firearm.

Check this out! The following pic is Stav’s shot grouping of 25 shots—five shots each from 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 yards. Yes! The girl can flat out shoot! She only had one shot outside the center circle, and that was from 45 feet. That’s right, impressive!

With proper training and practice, anyone can become an excellent marksman or marks-woman. Says Mac, Smooth, slow, deliberate firing and you’ll get real accurate real fast.

Stavroula Avramidis is doing a great service, especially for women. In this age of seeming madness, one must always secure himself/herself with knowledge and skill. As the ancient Chinese warlord, Sun Tzu, stated 2500 years ago in his classic book, The Art of War:

In war, the first thing you must do is secure yourself against defeat.

Stav is doing just that and sharing her firearms skill and knowledge with others.

Stavroula Avramidis—Instructor and Founder, She Equips Herself


This article, with Ms. Avramidis’s permission, is a feature, of the Karate Institute of America, Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts and King’s Karate.