Kiado-Ryu Karate

Nov 9, 2020 - Feature of the Week

Introducing the Viper!

The Karate Institute of America and the Kiado-Ryu system of martial arts welcome Nolan B., aka “Viper,” to our karate family, as well as his Dad, Eric, his mom, Melissa, and his younger brother, Reed.

In one word, Nolan is a stud. Only eight years old, he can knock off 100 sit-ups with aplomb. He loves challenges and defies any thought that he cannot succeed in anything he wants to do.

In the following photo, Viper sets himself to be “As Still As Stone.” When he’s told the time is up, he requests more time! Who does this? The only person who’s ever done such a thing is Ken “Ramjet” Anderson (KIA Black Belt #11) who, after completing his one hour still stance for his 1st Dan Black Belt rating, asked to do yet another hour! It was granted. In the KIA’s 41 year history, Ramjet has been the only student of over 3,300 students to do this. Perhaps Nolan will be the second individual to accomplish such a daunting task. After all, this kid is forever looking forward to the next challenge he can accomplish, to the next obstacle he can conquer.

How nice is this picture of Nolan below. His form is excellent, his face reveals no hint of stress. He is calm. He is determined. He is the “Viper!”

Nolan is looking really good in the following pic of him executing a reverse punch. Notice the structure of his left fist as it contacts the bag. It’s perfect. Plus, his right arm is protecting his head and his hips are turned into the bag for power with his left leg bent for balance.

So you may be thinking that Viper is just an eight year old kid whose punch couldn’t hurt a flea. Not hardly. With proper form and unwavering commitment, his punches are devastating for a young man. Check out the following photo of some old guy learning the truth behind an eight year old’s powerhouse punch!

Nolan is an all-around great kid. Not only is he an excellent martial arts student, he’s a top-ranked student at his school. In the following photo, he’s receiving the “All Star Award” from his teacher for being the best student at his grade level!

The Karate Institute of America is excited to welcome Nolan and his family to the Kiado-Ryu system. Keep your eyes pealed because this kid named “Viper” is off to the races.