Kiado-Ryu Karate

Jun 21, 2021 - Feature of the Week

Smasher Makes Blue Belt


27 May 2021 was another hallmark day for the Ligtvoet family as younger brother Aidan, aka “Smasher,” received his Blue Belt. It was no easy journey for Aidan, and it took time, but true to life principles of dedication and perseverance this terrific, respectful, loving and intelligent young man attained the next higher level of Kiado-Ryu achievement.

Pictured with Smasher are his mother Atousa; father Ed, and his big brother Tristan, who is currently a third dan KIA Black Belt and close to receiving his 4th Dan in December of 2021! The Ligtvoets are a remarkable family. Each of them is a stellar human being and the Karate Institute of America is blessed to have them as part of its KIA family.

This ladder of martial arts progression serves as an ever-constant reminder of the path not only ahead but behind. What a great motivational display of achievement!

This is a great shot. Tristan, aka Raptor, has been an enormous asset to Aidan’s success. Smasher has always looked up to his big brother with respect and admiration and Tristan, with his rare and impressive character, loving heart and work ethic, has always set a high bar for his brother, who may very well grow taller than his 3rd Degree Black Belt sibling predecessor. That will be fun to see!

This pic is a strong reminder of how time passes but also how grateful friendships are. Remember the following photos? Wonderfully amazing!

And finally, student and teacher—but brothers in Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts.

The next stop for Aidan on his KIA journey is Green Belt. We look forward to that journey and the ceremony that accompanies its accomplishment!