Kiado-Ryu Karate

Feb 6, 2023 - Feature of the Week

Smasher Gets A Green Light!

Remember this photo of Aidan “Smasher” Ligtvoet taken a few years ago when he was a very young aspiring martial artist in the Kiado-Ryu system? Obviously, he knew what he wanted to be!

Well, look at him now at age 16!

Smasher is all grown up. He tested for and accomplished his KIA Green Belt on Thursday, 26 January 2023. He now has a green light to move in accomplishing his first dan Brown Belt status.

A few pushups. What would a test be without a little stress?

How cool is it for Smasher to be sparring with his big brother—Tristan “Raptor” Ligtvoet—4th Dan Black Belt and the 64th Black Belt of the Kiado-Ryu.

CONGRATULATIONS SMASHER! You passed your Green Belt test with flying colors. In this photo Aidan is executing the Kiado-Ryu traditional ceremonial bow with Mr. King, a bow representing respect for one’s accomplishments.

And, as always, the congratulatory handshake for a job well done! Quite a contrast in size, eh? How tall will Smasher get to be? He’s still growing. Scary!

Such a heart-warming moment for teacher and student.

The Brothers Ligtvoet—in life and martial arts. Awesome individuals!

A wonderful moment in praise of a job well done!

Raptor and Smasher with mom (Atousa) and dad (Edward). How lucky are these sons to have such fantastic parents! It is very seldom that children are blessed to have a mom and dad like Atousa and Edward. They are the trunk of the tree from which have sprung two extremely rare individuals. The world would, indeed, be a better place if all children were fortunate enough to have such incredible and supportive parents.

Posing with the Ligtvoets is KIA Blue Belt, Hannah S. She may look sweet, which she is, but she is one tough martial artist. Her kicks are devastating, and she is a relentless, fearless, aggressive combatant. We look forward to her Green Belt test, too.

Wrapping up a glorious evening with three extremely accomplished KIA martial artists. Now it’s off to the next ascending chapter in their martial arts life!

Thank you Ligtvoet Family and Hanna S! You are a great part of the Karate Institute of America and it’s legacy of excellence in martial arts. We look forward to many more awesome events and accomplishments.