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Aug 28, 2023 - Feature of the Week

The Endless Lie of Gun Violence

It is a sad and obvious reality that violence using guns is an aspect of modern life. However, the Endless Lie is that guns do the shooting when, in fact, it is people who do the shooting, not guns. Guns do not shoot by themselves, so spreading the illusion of “Gun Violence” is a lie, a lie designed to force people to give up their guns, as if doing so would create peace. No way. Giving up guns would create enslavement perpetrated by those drooling with power and domination.

Here’s a simple reality check. Let’s say two people are having a discussion about so-called gun violence. Furthermore, that discussion lasts for a million years, assuming of course that the people lived that long.

Between the two people is a table. On top of that table is a gun. In the entire million years of discussion between the two people the gun would never, could never, fire itself. The only way for the gun to fire a round would be if one of the two people picked up that gun and fired it. Thus, the simple common sense truth is that guns don’t fire themselves. People fire guns.

The endless lie of “gun violence” is that guns create violence. Wrong. Guns do not create violence. People create violence as a result of their own violent behaviors and desires. Where there is gun violence, there is people violence. The key, then, is to focus on making people less violent. The honest issue to address is, therefore, “People Violence,” not “Gun Violence.”

The narrative that getting rid of guns would stop violence is false prima vacie, i.e., self-evident. The simple reason that “Gun Violence” is endlessly promoted is based in the hunger for power by those individuals who seek to rule, dominate and subjugate others. People without guns can’t protect themselves. People with guns can. This is the beauty of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It is why America has remained free since her birth in 1776.

How to Stop Gun Violence

The question is not how to stop gun violence. The actual question is how to stop “People Violence?” It is violence that does the killing, not guns. Take away the violence and the lie of “Gun Violence” would not exist.

The sad reality, however, is that violence can never be totally eradicated in this world. It is part of its structural design. Violence can, though, be mitigated by focusing on increasing ethical behavior, common sense, honesty, integrity, kindness, purity, patience, tolerance, fairness, balance, centeredness and a full regimen of virtuous behaviors. Added to this cavalcade of positives, would be the diminution of pride, anger, greed, attachment and lust—all negative traits, coupled with the abatement of alcohol, recreational drugs, mindless behavior and continual political clamor to demonize guns rather than demonize the source of gun violence i.e., sick people. All of these things are where violence thrives, grows and ultimately destroys.

Therefore, blame not gun violence. Blame human ignorance and destructive behavior for the violence in this world. If humans were intrinsically “whole and pure,” there would be no need for guns at all. The false and dishonest narrative is that guns create violence. The true and honest narrative is that sick people create violence by using guns to further their agenda of subjugation.