Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #36: Chris "Growler" Grau

Chris “Growler” Grau began his KIA journey when he was fourteen, donning very cool dark brown long locks, which are visible in the KIA photo album. After achieving his Black Belt in 1995, he took time off, continued his education in computer science and got married. In 2006, Growler returned to the KIA to resume his studies toward his 2nd, and now 3rd, Black Belt rating, commuting all the way from San Diego.

Always a lover of karate, Growler’s studious nature drove him to have excellent, crisp karate hands, the mark of a true Black Belt in the Kiado-Ryu system. Even when returning after ten years, all of his basics were as clean the day he returned as the day he left.

Growler’s keen mind, devoted heart, love of martial arts, and the Karate Institute of America have been focused in his creating for the Kiado-Ryu system its own website, for which Mr. King is deeply grateful.

Growler’s generosity and technical skill are allowing the Kiado-Ryu legacy to live on, as well as having a global outreach and presence. Through his creativity and hard work, anyone, especially our own students, can get in touch with their heritage, thus corroborating their own dedication, devotion, and confidence in a martial art system which is not only worthy but which has endured the circuitous travails of destiny. Thank you, Growler! We’re all so very grateful for your love, skills, and creative talent both in the computer world and in the studio.