Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #37: Heather "Burner" Corn

Beginning her KIA journey in the junior program, Heather “Burner” Corn became one of eight women to successfully complete the journey to Black Belt, and she traveled that journey with a focus and determination uncommon to other young people of her generation.

Burner was tough, but sweet. A more polite and gracious young woman you’d never find, let alone in a karate studio. But she loved the challenge of being a top-flight martial artist and, as a side note, she didn’t get her name because she was a mild-mannered fighter. Aside from her polite and pleasant disposition, when it came time to put on the gloves, Heather was a formidable foe who would scorch her opponents … with control. As her fighting skills and age increased, Burner fought with the men. No one ever considered her a female or a junior. She was a martial artist, a tribute of great respect coming from a male-dominated art.

After traveling the long and arduous road to a KIA Black Belt, Heather’s persistence suffered no waning. She graduated from college with a specialty in education and is now pursuing a teaching career.

Heather Corn is a remarkable person. She has character, courage and a grace unlike 99% of those growing up in her era. She is a terrific tribute not only to her family and the Kiado-Ryu but to humanity as well. Those individuals who have the opportunity to study with her are indeed fortunate and should count their blessings because Heather “Burner” Corn, now married, is, truly, one of a kind.