Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #30: Jonathan "Poison" Kuai

Every junior Black Belt in KIA history has been respectful, springing from good parentage. Jonathan “Poison” Kuai was right there in the mix. He never argued, complained, or in any way tried to displease any of his instructors. Quite the opposite.

Poison was an excellent fighter, cunning, and aggressive. He hated to lose and used all his abilities to thwart his opponent’s attacks. One of his favorite strategies was to initiate an attack with a front or roundhouse kick and then proceed with a barrage of hand strikes.

Jonathan had courage. Once he was on the receiving end of a well-landed abdominal blow, which stopped him dead in his tracks. Although wincing in extreme pain and fighting back tears, he demonstrated the type of strength and composure indicative of a true warrior, thus setting an example of toughness for the rest of his classmates.

Jonathan went on to college in the east at a major university and his now applying his excellent mind, heart, and spirit to furthering his professional dreams.