Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #56: Pratik "Cheetah" Patel

Another exemplary Black Belt from the juniors class was Pratik “Cheetah” Patel. Slender, diminutive in size but great of heart, Cheetah used his keen mind and quickness to etch out a place of respect for himself in the fighting ring.

Because of his size, Cheetah couldn’t overpower his opponents. Instead, he would ambush them, forcing them to make a move to which he was lying in wait with lightning fast execution. Two of Pratik’s most effective fighting techniques were a Counter Spear and an Ambush Nuck. In the former, Cheetah would draw his opponent’s back-knuckle by rocking in and out within the danger zone and when his challenger launched his attack, Pratik would lean back, execute an upward block against the back-knuckle and counterstrike with a reverse punch. It was his patented move.

Another stealthy move was the Ambush Nuck. Pratik would move away, drawing his opponent closer. Then, when his opponent moved into the danger zone, Pratik would launch a counter attack with his own Stretch Nuck, surprising his opponent with a fist to the face.

Pratik was a great kid—sweet, respectful, great smile. Like all KIA Junior Black Belts, he came from a wonderful family. The Karate Institute of America is forever honored to have the Patel family in its legacy.