Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #57: Tejas "Wolverine" Maniar

Of Indian descent, like Pratik “Cheetah” Patel (Black Belt #56), was Tejas “Wolverine” Maniar. Wolverine was an excellent athlete who took his lessons seriously.

What’s interesting is that even though Tejas’s call sign was Wolverine, a carnivorous North American mammal, Tejas himself was a vegetarian … from birth. This is noteworthy because in our society there is a false belief that being a vegetarian makes a person weak, frail, and fragile. Not so. The largest land animals on the planet are vegetarians—elephants, horses, oxen.

Although very disciplined, respectful and very humble, Wolverine was extremely courageous. When he was a freshman in college, his girlfriend was being accosted by some mis-guided miscreant. Tejas stepped in to defend his girlfriend against the much larger guy who instantly through a right punch at Wolverine. Tejas offset, executed a left windmill parry followed by a right roundhouse kick to the dude’s mid-section, dropping him to the ground. Needless to say, the guy never bothered Tejas or his girlfriend again. Wolverine’s years of karate study paid off and he realized then and there a Kiado-Ryu maxim: take care of your art and your art will take care of you.

Wolverine’s actions are commendable. They were right actions. Kiado-Ryu philosophy extols the virtues of discipline, restraint and self-control. However, when trouble approaches and cannot be prevented, appropriate counter action must be taken to neutralize the situation and maintain peace. Tejas did not over-react. He reacted perfectly because, over the years, he had practiced perfectly.