Kiado-Ryu Karate

Black Belt #51: Todd "Bufo" Norman

Todd “Bufo” Norman has been an integral part of the survival and success of the Karate Institute of America. His kindness and generosity will forever be appreciated and remembered.

Bufo began his Kiado-Ryu journey at sixteen while living with his older brother, Jeff—who would also become a KIA Black Belt. Todd studied off-and-on while playing football at a local high school and junior college. During his third collegiate year, he received a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the University of Reno, Nevada, where he majored in kinesiology. Upon graduating, he continued his karate training while working for and attaining his masters degree. Simultaneously, his martial art studies earned him a 2nd Dan rating.

Since he was a young man, Todd’s dream had always been to open a top level sports training facility. After working as the strength and conditioning coach for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, a professional hockey franchise, Todd opened The Cutting Edge fitness center in Lake Forest, CA, in the year 2000. Under his direction, The Cutting Edge became the premier sports training facility in the area, serving not just professional athletes but those from the collegiate, high school and junior high school levels as well.

Besides being a top athlete and expert trainer, Todd has a heart of gold. When the KIA ran into challenging times during the late nineties as its enrollment dropped, Todd allowed the few students still studying to come in out of the cold and use his facility as a workout venue. He asked for nothing in return. The KIA and Mr. King will forever be grateful to Todd Norman for helping keep the Kiado-Ryu spirit flourishing. Thank you, Bufo! We appreciate you for everything you’ve done for us and those living the Kiado-Ryu legacy.