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Black Belt #38: Lyle Peterson

In the world of karate, men can be not just rough but gruff and full of themselves, especially fighters because egos are always at risk of getting out of control, which they often do. Lyle “Boomer” Peterson offered a breath of fresh air to the ego-driven mindset of many martial artists. He was and is a truly affable individual, always smiling and always with a warm handshake, kind word, and positive disposition. In all of his martial art training, he never lost his cool or composure. In two words, Lyle Peterson had grace and style.

Boomer, who got his nickname because of his almost twin-like resemblance to famous NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, was (and still is) a true gentleman in a world where being a gentleman is often disregarded as outdated. This is not to say Lyle Peterson was not a competent fighter. He was. He was just not mean or arrogant. Because of his 6-foot-2-inch frame, Boomer’s reach, both with arms and legs, gave opponents fits. His back-knuckles, roundhouse and front kicks were devastating. They had reach and power.

Lyle Peterson’s manner is something every Kiado-Ryu martial artist can emulate. In a competitive world often out-of-control and classless, Boomer was neither. Well disciplined, well controlled, friendly, outgoing, and always gracious, Lyle “Boomer” Peterson will forever be remembered as a class act in the annals of Kiado-Ryu history.