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Photo of the Week: Striker’s on the Move—Upward!

Judy “Striker” Gompf is back on track and on the move toward her Purple Belt and a new career. Having taken some time off, she is diligently practicing her Kiado-Ryu forms, techniques, and fighting skills, as well as cross training. She recently set a new personal best of 800 lunges! That’s right, 800! Quite a feat, especially after only being able to do 20 lunges at a time when she first started. Talk about determination! She’s got it in spades. As a result, there’s a massive amount of strength in Striker’s legs, so don’t get kicked!

Every KIA student should recognize the following pose. In which kata is it the centerpiece? Nice artistry—both in karate form and photographic composition.

Can’t forget those hard bows! What a great park to work out in!

Wouldn’t want to get hit with that knife-edge kick! Ouch! Remember the 800 lunges?

Judy is a single mom of two and a real California surfer chick (her hometown is Laguna Beach!). She has worked in the legal field for nearly two decades and is now applying her talents to the real estate business as an agent with Keller-Williams Realty out of their Mission Viejo office. Being a true SoCal/Laguna Beach resident her whole life, nobody knows the South Coast like the KIA’s own Judy “Striker” Gompf. If you need help with your real estate needs, her contact info is:; cell 949-813-9430. The Karate Institute of America wishes Striker all the best in this new phase of her life’s journey!

Photo of the Week: KIA Authoress Lands Chicken Soup for the Soul Inclusion in Its 2017 “Military Families” Edition!

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler—KIA Faithful and Marine Corps wife to retired husband, Warren—has added the title of “Authoress” to her many accomplishments. Congratulations, Goldilocks!

Nicole’s poem, A Knock on the Door, is included in the 2017 edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families, 101 Stories about the Force Behind the Forces.

Lovely as always, and with her contagious effervescent personality, as always, Goldilocks poses with the book that has put her on the map of published authors. Her poem, A Knock on the Door, is featured on pages 116/117. It is a poignant poetic description of the fear that every military wife or spouse dreads—a knock on the door, a knock which can change one’s life in the blink of an eye, a knock whose potential message makes one’s heart stop cold. Her poem skillfully captures the haunting and frightening feeling that explodes when one hears that “knock.”

“The best thing about all this,” she states, is that “All royalties from the book are donated to the USO, an organization that is near and dear to both my heart and Warren’s.” The book is available at Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle for under $10, which can be found by following the link above.

Such a wonderful, meaningful and well-deserved contribution, Goldilocks! We are immensely proud of you, your literary skills, and being the wife of a United States Marine. The KIA knows all too well the immense sacrifices military wives, spouses, and families make which most often go unrecognized. Thanks for your creative efforts, and may this initial foray into publishing set you on the road to greater authorial accomplishments!

Photo of the Week: Last Week: One & Done. This Week: One & Dead

One & Dead

Sadly, this week’s feature reveals the power of one punch, one cowardly sucker punch which ended the life of a forty-five year old father of five children, Louie Campos.

The original story, written by Melissa MacBride:

A follow-up story by ABC News reports that the murderer, an ex-felon, has been arrested and awaits trial:

Two major lessons can be learned from this tragedy:

  1. A single punch can be lethal.
  2. Constant vigilance is critical, especially in today’s world. One can never drop his/her guard, ever. Each of us must live in a constant state of awareness. This has always been the philosophy of the KIA and the tragic murder of Louie Campos reiterates its sad but undeniable truth.

The Karate Institute of America sends its deepest sympathies to Mrs. Campos, their five children and the entire Campos family. RIP – Louie Campos. Be well, Campos family.

Photo of the Week: One & Done

Black Belt vs. Pimp (Knowledge vs. Stupidity)

Movies are filled with fight scenes that go on forever and ever, giving people the illusion that such extended engagements are the reality of street fights. Not so when a well-trained Black Belt is involved.

The following four-part screen cap (video) reveals how knowledge triumphs in many situations, and in this case it is “one and done.” As the narration of the video states, the black dude is a pimp who assaults a Black Belt named Jay Lee, who, upon assault from the pimp, preempts the attacker and knocks the dude out with one blow, in what appears to be a lead armbar to the head/neck area.

Photo #1. Pimp aggresses against the Black Belt (Jay Lee). Notice JL’s stance—sideways and relaxed.

Photos #2 & #3. Pimp continues his aggression, closes the distance, arms down—a major “No-No!”

Photo #4. Jay Lee stops the attacker with a preemptive blow to the head/neck area with what appears to be an armbar.

A “one & done” knockout occurs. Check out the video. Arrogance, ignorance and aggression are a hazardous triumvirate to be sure!

This video teaches many things, and certainly one of the most salient truths is that knowledge is power and ignorance is certainly not bliss!

Photo of the Week: Great Lady, Great Leader

Margaret Thatcher served Great Britain as Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990. The first woman to have held the PM position, she was not only a great lady but a great leader—tough, smart, and uncompromising, qualities which garnered her the appellation of “The Iron Lady.”

Today’s world could definitely benefit from more of Thatcher’s leadership, strength and courage. The Karate Institute of America applauds her, especially in her belief of self-responsibility and personal ownership—qualities any KIA student understands.

For example, one of her most powerful and poignant quotes is:

If you want to cut your own throat, don’t come to me for a bandage.

Many people today, especially young people, would do well to emulate this message. Too many individuals are sacrificing their individual sovereignty by abdicating their power to others, rather than embracing their own power and taking charge of their own lives, sans interference, even help, from a dependence-oriented mass mindset and governmental overreach.

People are made strong by being made to do things for themselves, to stand up and be counted, to be strong, courageous, self-reliant, resourceful, committed, determined, dedicated, resolute. Every KIA Black Belt understands this. Obviously, so does Margaret Thatcher, the great Iron Lady of Great Britain.

Margaret Thatcher

Photo of the Week: Great Words From a Great President

Perseverance and Spirit have done Wonders in all ages.

These words from George Washington inspire us all to be better, to do better, to never quit and to remember the Spirit within us.

Isn’t it interesting how all truly great leaders inspire and encourage those to whom they have been given the mantel of leadership, as opposed to those so-called leaders who try to divide men and weaken their spirits in order to control and subjugate them.

Great Words From A Great President

Photo of the Week: Eight Great Words

Great Britain’s Sir Winston Churchill is, arguably, one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century. The following quote contains eight of the most powerful words when any of us is going through hard times, sort of like climbing up the ladder from white belt to black belt. Basically, the tongue-in-cheek translation of these powerful eight words is, “Don’t stop here!”

Eight Great Words

Photo of the Week: Hannibal’s Father-Daughter Moments: Priceless!

The KIA’s own Hannah “Hannibal” has some fun with her dad, driving him backward on multiple occasions with powerful kicks.

In this first pic, Hannah drives her Pops back with a front kick. Nice extension, too!

Next, she pummels him with a roundhouse kick. Oh, my! Who knew such a diminutive young woman could deliver such power! Notice how she knocked her father off balance? Very cool!

And then—here comes the thunder! Hannah delivers a cross-over back kick. Dad’s comment: “Ouch! That’s a rib!”

Our sweet Hannah is really getting strong, too. Just take a look at the perfect form on her push-ups. Check out that straight back! Beautiful! She’s knocked off twenty, yes twenty, of these perfect push-ups at one time! Awesome! Okay, guys. Your turn. Let’s see if can you compete with Hannibal for form! She’s turning into quite a dynamo! Her number one asset—determination! This young woman just never quits. She is indefatigable, tenacious, courageous, and unyielding! She is definitely KIA true – through and through! We are so very proud of Hannah and her drive. If only all young people had her character! How awesome would that be?! Luckily, she’s one of our own. Priceless!

Photo of the Week: Fixed Fortifications

General George Patton stated a maxim of war:

Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.

Patton knew, as all great warriors know, to stand still in a fight and refuse to move is a fool’s strategy. It’s common sense that a moving target is much harder to hit than a stationary one. So why do many fighters refuse to incorporate movement and motion in their fighting strategies and styles?

The Karate Institute of America’s fighting strategy is founded on movement. As one of our maxims states: The mover controls the fight. Why? Because the opponent must keep adjusting to the mover’s movement and, therefore, he becomes reactive rather than proactive—a failing strategy. Movement will also confuse and frustrate the opponent, keeping him imbalanced and brain-locked.

In life, when confronted with challenges, we must be mentally adroit and proactive, not reactive. We must not become fixed fortifications when problems arise or assailants threaten. We must attack them. Don’t let them control us. Waiting around for problems to fix themselves or assailants to attack is a failed tactic. We must move, adjust, adapt, attack, doing whatever it takes to beat the opponent, i.e., the problem. We must avoid becoming a “fixed fortification” and be smart, movement-oriented, and attacking the problem/assailant until victory is attained.

Fixed Fortifications

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Photo of the Week: A Walk Down Goldilocks Lane

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler has been a staunch KIA family member since the 1980s when her husband, Warren, a United States Marine, was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Times have changed a bit, but here is a photo of them at a U.S. Marine Corps function looking beautiful and handsome. Such a power couple!

Time marches on. The following photo of four lovely and talented KIA women was taken in the 1990s. Behind a kneeling Goldilocks are (left to right: Heather Corn (now Riggs), Liz Eckes (now Avrams), and Christa King (now Jacob).

Oftentimes, great friendships were forged at the Karate Institute of America. These next photos are of the “Three Amigas”—Nicole and her twin buddies—Jenny and Lori Brown.

And a luncheon date with Whitefire on one of Goldilock’s visits to SoCal.

Nicole “Goldilocks” Hackler is a high-level engineer living on the East Coast with her retired Marine Corps hubby, Warren, who, having served multiple deployments in the Middle East, returned safely, thank God.

Goldilocks was close to being a Black Belt when Warren was reassigned from the West Coast to the East Coast. There is absolutely no doubt she would have become a KIA Black Belt had she remained in SoCal. She is a remarkable woman, highly intelligent, tough (she manages road crews awash in men and male energy), talented, lovely, and just an all-around first class lady. We greatly miss her at the KIA, but her effusive and radiant energy will always be a viable part of the legacy and history of the Karate Institute of America.