Kiado-Ryu Karate

Feb 2, 2015 - Photo of the Week

Don't Mess with This Mother!

When having to seriously injure an attacker is your only option to survival, all things being equal, the first target is the eyes. Drum this into your psyche: eyes, eyes, eyes! No one who gets hit in the eyes enjoys the experience, quite the contrary. Eye strikes with the fingers, pens, pencils, credit cards or other implements with either points or edges will all be devastating to an attacker.

Jan 26, 2015 - Photo of the Week

The Sai Guy

He’s young, determined and … cute. He’s our new “Sai Guy,” Aidan the “Smasher.” So many of our current 63 Black Belts of the Kiado-Ryu began at a young age and grew to be talented martial artists. Aidan is a fine young man. His brother, Tristan, aka, “Raptor,” will be our 64th Black Belt sometime this year. He, too, started at a young age and has grown into an exemplary individual, thanks to his wonderful parents.

Jan 19, 2015 - Photo of the Week

Self-Defense Success: Body Targets

As every Karate Institute of America and King’s Karate student knows, to be successful in a self-defense situation, as well as keeping yourself safe, it is important to have a working knowledge of body targets—those areas of the body which, when impacted, yield devastating results. Knowing where to strike is just as important as knowing how to strike. Our “Body Targets” DVD illustrates the best targets on the human body and how to strike them for maximum effect.

Jan 12, 2015 - Photo of the Week

The Pen Cushion Defense

Ah, yes! It is true—the pen is mightier than the sword … when used literarily. Indeed, words, via the pen, have changed the world. Case in point, the Declaration of Independence. But the pen has other practical and beneficial uses, one being an implement of self-defense. Our photo of the week features “The Pen Cushion” to make a graphically visual statement, which is that the pen is an impaling weapon when used appropriately and correctly.

Jan 5, 2015 - Photo of the Week

Unlikely Weapons

“UNLIKELY WEAPONS” are common everyday implements you can use as self-defense tools to protect yourself and your loved ones. King’s Karate Unlikely Weapons, Volume 1 will teach you the dynamic power of simple pens, pencils, keys, clipboards, books, magazines and more. It is available on Amazon. It can also be ordered from our King’s Karate website in various formats. Check it out. Having this knowledge will give you the power of confidence!

Dec 27, 2014 - Photo of the Week

KIA's Eldest Sage Black Belt

90 YEAR OLD BLACK BELT! Dr. Milton Jacobson, aka “Super Zedha” just turned 90 years old on Christmas Day! Happy Birthday Dr. J.! Milt Jacobson, the 3rd of currently 63 KIA Black Belts, began his Karate Institute of America journey at age 54. He earned his first dan Black Belt ranking at age 60! And he’s still going strong at age 90, thirty years later. Milt is quite an inspiration, and he certainly leads by example.